Dentist located in Greenwood Indiana
Dental Alignments and Treatment Services

Here is the time for residents of Greenwood Indiana to restore their beautiful smile. An orthodontist is here with dentistry skills to treat the teeth. Issues concerning cosmetic dentistry are dealt with now. It is time to put a broad smile and restore the original appearance of teeth. For discolored teeth, cosmetic dentistry will solve this problem. It is facilitated by this dentist in Greenwood Indiana. You can find  more details here. 

This dentist also provides sedation dentistry which involves the use of pharmacological agents to calm the patient before and during dental treatment.
For teeth that are out of place, their alignment is restored by this dentist. Invisalign and braces help in solving this problem. For straight teeth, use either of the two methods. Both offer the same function, and it is only the mechanism of operation that is different. Invisalign has BPA-free clear plastic trays to align the teeth. This makes it not easy to note its presence. Braces consist of metals tied to the teeth using wires and tiny rubber bands. Read more great facts on  dentist greenwood , click here. 

One may choose from either of the two depending on preference. Both can be applied to both children and adults. One might need the comparison of the two to make out the best for them to use. The main difference of the two is that braces are not removable as opposed to Invisalign. During meals and drinking, one must remove the Invisalign to prevent staining. This is not the case with braces only that one needs to brush after every meal.

About the cost, Invisalign might be relatively more expensive than the use of braces. This is because of its added advantage involving comfort, the aspect of being removable and that it is invisible. The cost is relative since sometimes braces are expensive too especially if the patient needs one which matches the color of the enamel or any other color of choice.

In both Invisalign and braces, the positioner is more needed ongoing at night. This is preferred because there are minimal disturbances at night. On the issue of maintenance, Invisalign has a cleaning system, or it may be done by rinsing the trays in luke warm water. Cleaning the braces is by normal brushing of teeth and flossing.

Usually, Invisalign is not ideal for cases such as bridgework, back tooth bites, the need to rotate some teeth, moving some teeth vertically and patients who lack the discipline of keeping the Invisalign on for prescribed time. Braces, on the other hand, are not recommended for individuals who engage in sports that involve rough play.
For these and other problems related to teeth, this orthodontist in Greenwood in Indiana will attend to those patients that will visit. Please view this site for further details.